Health Care

  • Expand and reform our Medicaid program to improve access to care, and to make health care more affordable for all Montanans
  • Reduce the number of uninsured Montanans
  • Work to more closely integrate mental health care with physical health care
  • Support Montana’s public health system in preventing disease, promoting health, and saving health care dollars

Public Education

  • Adequately fund public schools for the long-term in all Montana communities
  • Hire and retain skilled teachers
  • Build partnerships between schools and business that helps guide career education

Make State Government More Effective

  • Support our state employees
  • Provide tools that allow for effective and innovative management
  • Stimulate creativity and enhance customer service
  • Implement good business practices

Seniors, Retirees and Children

  • Make sure seniors have access to quality, personal care
  • Provide more options for new community based care for seniors
  • Plan for the aging of Montana’s population
  • Reduce childhood hunger in Montana