A Commitment to Serve

Representative Chuck Hunter has been honored to serve House District 79 for the past three sessions, and is running for a fourth term to serve the newly numbered House District 83.

“The 2015 session will bring new challenges – jobs and our economy, reforming our health care system, and making sure our children get a great start in schools, to name just a few—and I want to use my experience to help solve those challenges” Hunter said in announcing his re-election bid.

Hunter, 60, is a retired state employee who served over 20 years in Montana state government, running a variety of programs including Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Human Rights.  He now owns and operates several small businesses.  “ My background in government, human services, and business was a great preparation for the work of the legislature”, Hunter said, “and that experience has provided me with a lot of ideas about how to improve state government.”

Hunter was elected by his peers to be the House Minority Leader in the 2013 session, and served on the House Business and Labor Committee and the Legislative Council.  During that session, he introduced legislation to expand the Montana Medicaid program, help returning veterans more easily find employment and gain academic credit for their military experience, create a heath care database to monitor health care costs in Montana, and provide a property tax rebate to Montana homeowners.

“Every session requires you to make tough choices.  It is the job of the legislature to choose the right priorities.  In the 2013 session, we passed a strong, balanced budget, shored up the state pension systems, provided more funding for infrastructure improvement, created a solid funding formula for education, and reduced taxes for Montana small businesses.  We chose the right priorities.”